Will adding a blog to my businesses website help with SEO?

There are many reasons to add a blog to a business website, from providing information for potentential customers too keeping existing customers updated. In this article we’ll be discussing the benefits of blogging and how it specifically relates to SEO.

Increased topical authority

Having a large amount of content related to a specific topic increases the topical authority. Google favours websites that cover a topic in depth rather than covering a broad range of topics. With the increased topical authority gained from blogging keywords for your products and services will improve in rankings.

Increased internal links

Part of Google’s algorithm factors in internal links. Publishing blog posts allows you to increase the internal links to key pages within your website. Each post provides the opportunity for 1 or 2 internal links which overtime add up and deliver improved rankings.

Increased organic search traffic

Each blog post you publish has the ability to capture a traffic from a whole range of new keywords. This is especially useful for attracting traffic to long tail keywords that couldn’t otherwise be targeted on a product or services page.

Keeps website content fresh

Providing blogs are posted regularly this serves as a good indicator to Google that the website is actively maintained and its content can be considered up to date and accurate. Organic traffic to websites that aren’t actively updated will often decline over time.


Adding a blog to your website and posting on a regular basis provides many SEO benefits and it should be part of your SEO activities. If you’re not much of a writer yourself there are many skilled copywriters experienced in creating SEO optimized blog posts looking for work.