How can I check if my website has been indexed by Google?

When we refer to a site being indexed in Google we are referring to whether or not the site exists in the Google database. Sites indexed will appear in the search results if deemed a relevant to the search query by Google’s algorithm.

Checking if a site is indexed by Google

To check if a site is indexed simple go to in your browser and enter the following command into the search box (replace with the URL you want to check). If indexed a list of individual URLs from within the website will appear:

You can also check if a specific URL has been indexed by once again using the site: command. But instead of only inputting the domain name input the full URL you would like to check as follows:

If you need to check URLs in bulk this tool checks 1000 individual URLs at once.

The site: command can also be used in the other major search engines.


The site: command is a quick way to check if a website/url has been indexed in Google. Along with checking if a newly launched website has been indexed it also useful when a site’s organic traffic suddenly drops to check that it hasn’t been de-indexed.